To build capacity in all those involved so that any intervention implemented can continue long after the support has ceased.

What people say about us

Emma’s work included assisting teaching staff to understand learning difficulties and behaviour displayed by students and to show teachers/teacher aides how to manage students, include them, and adapt the curriculum and learning environment to suit their needs. Emma was amazing here, as she worked hard to create timetables, resources and ensure each student, their teacher and family, were part of the learning process. Pat Weston (former Deputy Principal at a Special School)

Emma, you might not realise how much your love and patience for my son impacted him. Your patience was key. Because of you, my boy has gone through Intermediate school and now College…. And he still talks about you! I thank you for all you have done. Rosemary Moana, parent

Emma showed great commitment to helping our family. We used to find mornings extremely difficult but Emma helped us implement new ways of helping our daughter get through mornings without conflict. I wish we could have had Emma’s help for a much longer period of time. Jodee (parent, New Zealand)

Emma gives practical, comprehensive advice. I went into my daughter’s toilet training feeling like I was armed with the best tools. It worked! As a family, we couldn’t be more grateful for Emma’s expertise. parents

Nykie and Nige

Emma has immense capacity and prior experience in leadership positions. Emma thinks strategically and practically and has open communication with all concerned, which enables situations to be addressed appropriately and within a timely manner. She has provided the Special Education staff with all-inclusive resources and support templates across a diverse range of additional areas to meet the vast needs of the students. With great success, she has provided targeted support for students with high behavioural and disengaged needs. Sian Daley, Acting Principal

Sian Daley

Thank you Emma for the strategies you have given me to help my son with Asperger’s.  He used them recently to find the confidence to tackle the stage for a drumming performance.  We are so blessed to have your support on both a personal and professional level.

Claire, parent 


Keep up to date with the latest research linked to our Blog. New developments in neuroscience is helping us to understand that not all behaviour is imprinted on us forever. We all have the capacity to change and grow. Watch this space!


Whether it’s local or interstate, information on how you can improve your own knowledge will be posted here. Courses and links to community groups, particularly around disability support, will be updated in this section. It’s important to understand that no one is alone and that there are many different ways to seek help and gain knowledge


Different topics will be discussed focusing primarily on behaviour change and skills development. These topics will be relevant to everyone who has contact with children and young people. Topics will be related to research but presented in an ‘easy to read’ way

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