Looking after ourselves so we can look after others

We seem to be busier today than ever before, despite having many timesaving devices at our fingertips to apparently ‘save us time’.  We are constantly trying to finish one thing just to get to the next thing and multi-tasking while juggling several things at any given... read more

Positive Reinforcement

I wanted to write about positive reinforcement this month as I am passionate about it because I know it works if it’s used in the right way.  We hear a lot about positive reinforcement in settings such as home, school and other educational environments.  But do we... read more

Extinction Burst

Challenging behaviour can be, at the very least, stressful at the best of times. Parents, caregivers, teachers and teacher aides alike, are often faced with behaviour we don’t like to see. This can be socially inappropriate behaviour that can get in the way of... read more