specialised support

We all learn new things, quite often on a daily basis, but because we are all different, some individuals need specialised support to learn even the most basic of skills. Quite often, teaching a new skill can be as simple as understanding what motivates an individual to do the things they do. Changing a behaviour or finding a replacement behaviour, might involve analysing what has happened directly before or after a certain behaviour has occurred.

we can help with

Maintaining new skills and behaviour change, requires consistency across environments. This is where Shaping Behaviour can help through:


  • Skill Development
  • Toileting Plans
  • Behaviour Plans
  • Disability Support
  • Resources
  • Advocacy for Families
  • Training in Schools
  • School Observations
  • Private Tutoring through our ‘Home Tutoring Service’ Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm and Saturdays 8am-5pm


The fee structure is based on combination of conditions:

  • Length and level of input needed, the level of need of the individual, and personal circumstances
  • Free initial consultation to determine the level of support you need – this can be done via phone or by emailing the contact form Download our contact form, enable editing, save it, and then email it back to us.
  • From this, fees will range from $80-$140 per hour dependent on your needs and the needs of your child
  • Private tutoring starts at $45 per hour through our Home Tutoring Service in Thornlands – $60 per hour within 15 km of Thornlands, Brisbane 
  • An estimation will then be calculated so you are aware of expenses before any interventions take place
  • It may also be possible to change behaviour, teach a new skill or provide advice and support, without the need of a formal observation. In some circumstances, information can be gathered through different forms of functional assessment, such as surveys, and then support can be achieved via Skype and/or email
  • Please let us know your personal circumstances so we can arrange a payment option to suit
  • Please discuss any training your school or educational organisation may need so we can design training to suit your requirements